Wynne Government Seeking Huge Concessions from OPSEU

Members of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) have a long and proud history of defending and promoting the interests of our members and the public. We face a difficult challenge in this round of bargaining with the Ontario Government's proposal to slash jobs, wages, benefits and pensions within our collective agreement, in addition to privatization of public services. We need the support from all labour organizations to fight back against these proposed concessions as they will dismantle our Public Service which so many Ontarian's rely upon. Please view our website for the latest news and the governments proposals regarding bargaining at: www.opseu.org/ops-bargaining-2014.  

On January 24th, we held an information picket in Kitchener to spread the word about what the government is asking of our members. The government not just looking to freeze wages: they're looking to privatize many of our jobs, reduce our sick benefits and pensions, and force injured workers back to work before they're well. These proposals wouldn't just hurt our workers: they would damage the public services on which all Ontarians depend. Please support our struggle!

Members of OPSEU 230 holding an information picket in Kitchener on January 24th

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