We Stopped Hudak

The most recent OFL President's report has an excellent feature article in on how the labour movement stopped Tim Hudak's plan to bring US-style anti-labour laws to Ontario: 

The Waterloo Regional Labour Council was a vital part of this province-wide movement. We held an anti-Hudak rally in Kitchener on April 7th that attracted 300 labour activists and prepared our local unions for the provincial election. When the write dropped on May 2nd, we were ready.

Over 60 union leaders attended the May 13 Labour Council meeting to discuss where we would focus our efforts for the June 12th election. We united behind the campaign of the NDP's Catherine Fife in Kitchener-Waterloo, and put substantial efforts into defeating Conservative candidates in the other three Waterloo Region ridings. Now we need to keep the Liberal government accountable for their promises!

Excerpts from the OFL President's report:

Our goal was to prevent Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak from winning the election and forming government. Unions had to deny him the opportunity to push Ontario into chaos through the most right-wing policies ever proposed by a party leader in Canada.

We established our own province-wide campaign to coordinate labour’s election strategy from our offices in suburban Toronto. we fought the election on the airwaves, over social media, and door-to-door.

It was a gruelling six-month-long campaign, and the stakes for Ontario had never been higher. when the votes were tallied, it was clear the workers’ rights campaign was the big winner. 

The Progressive Conservatives under Tim Hudak had failed in their bid to take control of the Ontario government and were confined to the opposition benches, capturing only 27 seats, 10 fewer than the last election in 2011. Humiliated by his defeat, that night Tim Hudak announced he would be stepping down as party leader.

“It was the OFL’s moment; a huge victory for the labour movement,” said John Cartwright, President of the Toronto and York Region Labour Council, who had urged our unions to launch the workers’ rights campaign at the OFL convention in 2013.

Read the entire report at http://ofl.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014.06.16-OFLPrezReport-Web.pdf.

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