Resources for your Member-Member Campaign

Several union leaders have asked us to be able to borrow the resources used in the OFL's Stop Hudak meetings for meetings with their own members. Here are some links to videos and fact sheets.

And if you would like someone from the Labour Council to come speak to your union or to lead your Executive through a planning session for your member-member campaign, just contact us at 519-743-8301 or

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~300 Attend All-Union #StopHudak Meeting

About 300 union members from 22 different unions attended an urgent meeting at The Aud in Kitchener on April 7th to discuss how to mobilize to #StopHudak.

OFL President Sid Ryan and Toronto Labour Council staffer Rob Fairley enumerated the specific proposals of Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak that would negatively affect unions and all working people in Ontario. In small groups, union members discussed how these proposals will affect them, and how to educate their colleagues about them.

Sid Ryan at The AudClick on the photo above for a link to several photos from the event on Facebook.


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Urgent All Unions, All Locals Meeting

Urgent All Unions, All Locals Meeting

Click on the poster above to open a printable .pdf to post in your workplace.

To RSVP, click here.


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The One Minute Message Contest is Back!






One Minute to Tell the World

  • how unions stand up for fairness;
  • how unions deliver good jobs and better lives;
  • how unions work for a better deal for everyone.

What does "Fairness Works" mean for you, your family and your community?

After 2 successful years of our One Minute Message Video Contest, we bring you the 2014 contest. The theme this year is ‘Fairness Works’. We are offering $2000.00 to the first place winner and can’t wait to see what creative delights you turn out this year. Last year's entries were the best we have had so far, so the bar is high.

Visit the CLC's contest website for complete rules, guidelines, theme and check out last year’s finalists for inspiration.


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What Unions Have Done for Us

When workers get together and stand up for fairness, they get results. Together, working people have  won decent wagessafer workplaces,fair treatment and benefits like paid vacation time, job training, and insurance coverage for things like glasses, dental care, and medicine that keep them healthy and productive.

They didn’t stop there. What they got at work, they got for everybody else by standing together and demanding more from the people they elected to boards, councils and legislatures. That’s how we all got some of the things most of us take for granted today – minimum wages, statutory holidays, paid vacation time, public health insurance, public pensions, weekends, etc.

Together, working people built Canada’s middle class and created a country with fairness as one of its fundamental values.

Click here for details on all this from the Canadian Labour Congress.

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Slides from Leaders' Seminar

On September 24, 2013, over 150 union leaders gathered in Kitchener for a seminar on how to re-connect with the members of our unions and remind them of the benefits that unions have achieved for our members and all working people.

We trained leaders in how to map their membership and design strategies to reach out to them.

Click on the picture below to view the slides from that seminar.

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