Lessons from the Laurier Strike

It's been three weeks now since the union representing custodians and tradespeople at Wilfrid Laurier University accepted a deal to end their strike and go back to work. Unfortunately, the university got what it wanted: they bullied the union into accepting contract language that allows them to contract out their work whenever a unionized position is vacated. It was not the outcome the labour movement wanted, but there are some important lessons we can take from this experience.

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4 Ways to Support Postal Workers

As you know doubt are aware, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers are past the strike deadline in their negotiations with Canada Post. They are fighting for important issues, and they need our support.

Canada Post is celebrating almost two decades of profits by trying to extract more concessions from the workers who have made it profitable. The crown corporation is refusing to address the glaring discrepancy between rural and urban mail carriers (the predominantly female rural mail carriers earn 28% less than their urban counterparts, and CUPW is calling for pay equity for all their members). It is also seeking to divide present and future postal workers by proposing much lower wages and benefits for all new hires.

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Support the Strikers at WLU - Stop Contracting Out!

Despite the large turnout at Friday's rally in support of custodial staff at Wilfrid Laurier University, members of CUPE 926 were left with no choice but to strike starting Sunday morning. The university continues to demand a weakening of their contracting out language that will allow them to hire custodians who are paid less than $13/hour to do the same work done by CUPE members who make a living wage with pensions and benefits.

CUPE members need your support now on the picket line! Please join them as often as you can: they welcome supporters from all walks of life.

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Labour Council Calls on WLU to Preserve Good Jobs

For immediate release July 6, 2016, 1pm

Kitchener – The Waterloo Regional Labour Council is calling on Wilfrid Laurier University President Max Blouw to stop trying to save money on the backs of its workers and negotiate a fair contract with its unionized custodial staff. Labour Council activists will be joining an information picket and rally at the university this Friday morning.

"The university is attacking its custodial staff by using every legal loophole to contract out their work to lower-paid contractors," said Labour Council President Marc Xuereb. "Laurier's tagline is 'Inspiring Lives.' This kind of conduct doesn't inspire lives: it inspires poverty. That's what you're doing when you replace good jobs with pensions and benefits with precarious jobs that offer no job security and pay below the living wage."
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Help Defend Good Jobs at WLU

Tweet telling people to email WLU PresidentGood day members and friends –

I am writing to you about CUPE Local 926 which has 68 custodians. Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) wants to contract out their work.

Please go to www.stopcontractingout.ca and click on “send a message” and put your name in and it will send a message to the President of the University, Dr. Max Blouw.

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Stand with CUPE 926 Against Contracting Out

Hundreds rallied in support of unionized custodians, groundskeepers, and tradespeople at Wilfrid Laurier University on December 3rd, to declare their solidarity in the fight against contracting out.

WLU administration is determined to save money by phasing out its unionized custodial staff and bringing in contracted workers who earn $13/hour with no pensions or benefits. Already, WLU has laid off custodians unionized with CUPE 926 as it closes buildings for renovations, and then used loopholes in its agreement with the union to contract out work in newly constructed buildings on the same site. While the union continues to fight these tactics by taking grievances to arbitration, the university is determined to make this practice the new norm by demanding at the bargaining table that language protecting unionized jobs be taken out of the Collective Agreement.

The stand-off seems destined for a strike or lockout early in the new year, and CUPE 926 members are going to need our support and solidarity.

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200 Activists Trained to Defeat Harper

CLC Vice President Donald Lafleur

Almost 200 union activists from Waterloo Region and nearby areas gathered in Kitchener on January 23 and 24 to hear details on what the Harper government has done to Canadians and learn skills for mobilizing their co-workers, neighbours, and family to defeat it.

CLC Vice President Donald Lafleur delivered the keynote address on the Friday night, urging union members to start preparing now for the pending federal election.

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We'll be There for You

The labour movement is committed to improving the lives of workers and has been for over 100 years. That's our job. Our aim is to improve the lives of all Canadians by working on the issues that matter most to everyone.

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The Union Advantage in Waterloo Region

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We Stopped Hudak

The most recent OFL President's report has an excellent feature article in on how the labour movement stopped Tim Hudak's plan to bring US-style anti-labour laws to Ontario: 

The Waterloo Regional Labour Council was a vital part of this province-wide movement. We held an anti-Hudak rally in Kitchener on April 7th that attracted 300 labour activists and prepared our local unions for the provincial election. When the write dropped on May 2nd, we were ready.

Over 60 union leaders attended the May 13 Labour Council meeting to discuss where we would focus our efforts for the June 12th election. We united behind the campaign of the NDP's Catherine Fife in Kitchener-Waterloo, and put substantial efforts into defeating Conservative candidates in the other three Waterloo Region ridings. Now we need to keep the Liberal government accountable for their promises!

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