September 2016 President's Report

I am saddened to submit my final President’s report to this Labour Council..

  • My Resignation
  • Labour Council dues
  • WLU Strike
  • Labour Day
  • October 1 Demonstration
  • Electoral Reform


My Resignation

Effective tonight, I humbly submit my resignation as President of the Waterloo Regional Labour Council. As many of you know, I have been working for outside Waterloo Region since January, first as a campaigner with CUPE Ontario in Richmond Hill, and since August as a National Representative with CUPE in the Niagara Region. While I am still a dues-paying member of CUPE 1883 and a delegate of that Local to the Labour Council, I feel less connected to Waterloo Region now that I am living and working outside the region, and feel it is time to step aside for someone else to lead our Council.

While I have been able to put some time and energy into the Council this year, I have mainly had to rely on our Vice Presidents and other members of our Executive to accomplish key tasks for the Labour Council. The President’s position should ideally be occupied by someone who can dedicate more time to it that I have been able to this year.

I am honoured to have served as your President, and thoroughly enjoyed the role. I will miss it greatly. My current position with CUPE is temporary, so I may return to Waterloo Region in the near or not-so-near future, but I think it’s time to elect a new President. We will have an election at our October membership meeting, and our First Vice President, Mark Cairns, will serve as Acting President until that time.

Miscellaneous Short Updates

My President’s Reports to you have not been as thorough this year as they have been in the past, and this one will be no different. I will briefly mention a few Labour Council events that our other Executive members can brief you on more fully. 

Labour Council Dues

First, we had a very productive All-Presidents’ Meeting on June 7th where we discussed the need to raise the Per Capita Dues for our Labour Council. Our Executive promised to return to the membership in the Fall with a proposed amendment to our By-Laws suggesting a specific increase over a specific timeframe. Some of our affiliates have expressed some confusion over that plan, but let me assure you that our Executive will give all affiliates ample notice of a motion coming to a meeting and you will have an opportunity to debate and vote on it.

WLU Strike

I was able to dedicate quite a bit of my CUPE time in July to mobilizing Labour Council members to support the custodial staff at Wilfrid Laurier University during their strike. The members of CUPE 926 appreciated the solidarity of unions across Waterloo Region. I think we need to learn some tough lessons from that strike, and wrote about it on our website at

Labour Day

I was able to attend this year’s event, and witnessed the hard work that a good number of Labour Council volunteers put into making it a success. The event was better organized than past years, and had a great turnout. I hope this is a sign of Labour Day events to come.

October 1 Rally at Queen’s Park

We have booked a bus to take people to this important rally for workers’ rights in Toronto on Saturday, October 1st. Please make an effort to help us fill it by promoting the event to your union members!

Electoral Reform

Our Labour Council has focused quite a bit on federal electoral reform this year, and this week is an opportunity to make our voice heard at a TownHall being hosted by our local MPs and the Minister of Democratic Institutions, Maryam Monsef. Please make an effort to attend and raise our voices on this important issue! The CLC has created excellent talking points on the issue for us to use: please use them.

Respectfully submitted,

Marc Xuereb
September 13, 2016

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