Labour Council Presents Scholarship Awards

4426542.jpg6316485.jpgPhoebe Miller and Carina Rampelt are the winners of the Waterloo Regional Labour Council's post-secondary scholarships for 2013. Education Committee Chair Steve Sachs and President Marc Xuereb presented the $500 awards to the two young women at our membership meeting September 10th.
All applicants for the scholarship had to write an essay on unions as champions of fairness and why young people need unions.

Phoebe Miller (below left), whose parents are both union members (one with OECTA-Waterloo, the other with CUPE 2512), is going to study graphic design at Conestoga College.  In her essay, she said "A strong stance by unions will give the next generation of Canadian workers a better attitude toward workplaces, creating a hard working community of workers that will support the rehabilitation of our Canadian economy."
Carina Rampelt, (below right), whose mother is with OSSTF District 24, is going to study Arts at Wilfrid Laurier University.  She believes that "when unions take on the responsibiity of being the voice for equality, my generation will realize that we don't have to tackle the problems of the workforce and, really the world, on our own.  Alone we may be powerless, but together, we can do anything."
Congratulations, Phoebe and Carina, and good luck in your studies!

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