Resources for your Member-Member Campaign

Several union leaders have asked us to be able to borrow the resources used in the OFL's Stop Hudak meetings for meetings with their own members. Here are some links to videos and fact sheets.

And if you would like someone from the Labour Council to come speak to your union or to lead your Executive through a planning session for your member-member campaign, just contact us at 519-743-8301 or





OPSEU No Free Ride (2 minutes)

clips from We Are Wisconsin and OPSEU's Made in the USA videos (5 minutes)

CLC's 2013 One-Minute Message Winning Video (1 minute)

What have the unions ever done for us? (3 minutes)

Roseanne clip challenging right-wing politician (90 seconds)

CUPE Ontario President Fred Hahn on the current political context (created especially for April 29 event) (7 minutes) 

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