Rally at MPP offices November 14th!

Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage
Province-wide Day of Action
Fair Wages Now!

Thursday, November 14th
Delegations to local MPPs' offices in Kitchener-Waterloo
Kid-Friendly, Community-Positive

On November 14th, we are taking our message directly to our elected Members of Provincial Parliament.  We will be letting them know that raising the minimum wage is good for our economy and good for our communities. We'll even award them a novelty cheque representing the boost to the economy that an increase would bring!


Be part of this growing movement for fair wages!  Support this month is crucial as we come to a critical moment of the campaign for a $14 minimum wage. With the Minimum Wage Advisory Panel expected to release their report by the end of the year, now is the time to turn up the heat!  

Join delegations to visit MPPs in Kitchener (John Milloy - Liberal) and Waterloo (Catherine Fife - NDP) to demand that they endorse a $14 minimum wage and to bring our petition to the floor of the legislature to demonstrate the broad support for fair wages for all! 

RSVP for this event here: http://www.wrlc.ca/minimum_wage_rally.

Recently NDP MPP Cheri Dinovo called for a $14 minimum wage, on the floor.   We will call on her fellow NDP MPP Catherine Fife to join her in taking this principled stand.  

This is the fourth monthly action and KW has been active in the campaign since the launch on March 21st! See provincial report-backs here andhere. There will be province-wide actions on the 14th of every month until we win our demand of an increase to $14/hr.

Together we can win an increase in the minimum wage to get workers out of poverty!


Prices are going up, but wages are not.

The minimum wage has been frozen for 3 years at $10.25.

It is time for an increase.

The current minimum wage drives workers 19% below the poverty line.

We need fair wages, not poverty wages.  Increasing the minimum wage to $14 will bring workers 10% above the poverty line in Ontario.

A raise in the minimum wage makes economic sense.  Research shows minimum wage increases get invested back into communities and do not cause job loss.

The Ontario Government has convened a panel to study minimum wage and consultations are currently underway. The Liberals have shown a strong pattern of stalling through the commissioning of panels. People in Ontario can't wait, we need an increase now!  

For more information and to sign up for email alerts about the local campaign, contact Poverty Makes Us Sick at forspecialdiet@gmail.com

For background information on the struggle for fair wages:

The Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge mobilization for the Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage is facilitated by Poverty Makes Us Sick and endorsed by the Waterloo Region Labour Council and Kitchener Ontario Animal Liberation Alliance in coordination with Workers Action Centre.

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