Our Priorities

Our Labour Council elects its leaders every two years. The Executive gets together at the beginning of its two-year term of office to set strategic priorities for the Council. Below are our priorities for 2015-2016.

Strategic Priorities for 2015-2016

To further the interests of working people of Waterloo Region in the next two years, the Waterloo Regional Labour Council will:

  1. Mobilize and train union members to get involved in the 2015 federal election with the goal of defeating Conservative MPs throughout Waterloo Region.

  2. Encourage and support unions to continue efforts to reach out directly to their members to reinforce the value of union membership and unions as a force for good in society.

  3. Raise the public profile of the Labour Council and unions generally by developing a coordinated labour presence in community campaigns, projects, and events and by building on our public communications through multiple media.

  4. Increase the number of active union affiliates to the Labour Council by reaching out to currently unaffiliated unions.

  5. Increase the racial, sexual, age, and gender diversity of activists involved in Labour Council leadership and campaigns through targeted recruitment and a review of our own culture and practices.

  6. Influence the agenda of local municipalities and school boards by monitoring their activity, maintaining relationships with progressive politicians, and recruiting future candidates.

-adopted at the Executive Board meeting of the Waterloo Regional Labour Council on April 7, 2015

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