Labour Council Endorses NDP in Federal Election

At its August membership meeting, the Waterloo Regional Labour Council voted unanimously to approve a motion to encourage members of all unions affiliated with the Council to actively support the NDP in this federal election. We have seen that the NDP’s positions on things like the minimum wage, child care, and retirement security echo the issues labour has been fighting for for years in this country.

Labour activists with 5 Waterloo Region NDP candidates
union activists ready to canvass with NDP candidates September 12th

Waterloo Region has five excellent NDP candidates in this year's federal election. Kitchener Conestoga's James Villeneuve and Kitchener South Hespeler's Lorne Bruce are both Labour Council delegates (Lorne is on our Executive). Cambridge's Bobbi Stewart is a recently retired CUPE member who was active in last year's Better Choices campaign to elect progressive municipal candidates. Waterloo's Diane Freeman is a three-time Waterloo City Councillor endorsed by Better Choices in the last two elections. And Kitchner Centre's Susan Cadell is a Social Work professor at the University of Waterloo. All five have a fighting chance of becoming MPs on October 19th, and need the support of union members!

The Labour Council is taking action to mobilize union members to support our NDP candidates. On September 12th, we held a labour canvass led by Sam Hammond of ETFO and Fred Hahn of CUPE Ontario. Dozens of union activists joined them for a brief rally at the Unifor Meeting Hall in Kitchener, and then spread out to canvass for a few hours in all five ridings in the region.

We will be encouraging union members to participate in many more NDP canvasses in the next month!

Steelworkers rally with Waterloo Region NDP candidates 
 Steelworkers rally with Waterloo Region NDP candidates
Bobbi Stewart
Lorne Bruce
Kitchener South Hespeler
Susan Cadell
Kitchener Centre
James Villeneuve
Kitchener Conestoga
Diane Freeman

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