Labour Council Committees

The work of the Labour Council is carried out by volunteers who are active on our many committees. We are only as strong as our members! To make us stronger, and to help us make our community a better place for everyone, please consider joining in the work of one of these committees. Minimum expected commitment is to participate in four committee meetings per year. Each committee will determine its own workload. Contact the Committee Chair to discuss how you can get involved.

Education and Publicity

Chair: Georgina Grujicic

The Education and Publicity Committee is responsible for assessing educational needs of labour activists in the Region and organizing courses on identified issues and skills. We also administer the Labour Council’s post-secondary education scholarships. On the publicity side, the committee co-ordinates all communications for the Council, including posts to its social media accounts, website, and emails to supporters. We explore ways to promote the Labour Council and labour issues broadly in the community, by seeking mainstream media coverage for our activities and finding other ways to grow our base of supporters.


Co-Chairs: Lois Iles and Shelley Tapsell

The Women's Committee is an active and vibrant committee of women who plan our annual International Women's Day fundraising event and other events throughout the year. We ensure that women's issues and voices are heard at Labour Council, and bring issues affecting women to the attention of the executive andm membership. We encourage and support women who want to become more involved in Labour Council leadership and activism. We are committed to advancing the general economic and social position of women and reach out to other community groups interested in advancing the status of women.

Health, Safety, and WSIB

Chair: Darlene Wilson

The Health, Safety, and WSIB Committee is a team of workers passionately interested in the prevention, recognition, and elimination of hazards in workplaces and in securing fair compensation for workers injured on the job. We are dedicated to providing workers with pertinent information, training opportunities, and awareness programs to help promote health and safety in the workplace. We also advocate for laws that improve the safety of workplaces and compensation for those injured or killed on the job.

Human Rights


The Human Rights Committee works with community partners in raising and taking action on local, provincial, national, or global human rights issues. The human rights issues we address include poverty, homophobia, racism, and sexism. We are also concerned with increasing the participation of equity-seeking groups in the work of the Labour Council, and raising issues affecting workers of equity-seeking groups with the Council.

Community Outreach

Chair: Lisa McKeown

The Community Outreach Committee is dedicated to working with community allies to improve the lives of all workers, particularly the poorest among us. We advocate for laws that would bring adequate incomes and fair working conditions for all. We promote fundraising and volunteerism with community-based organizations that improve the quality of life for community residents.

Affiliation Committee

Chair: Lisa McKeown

The Affiliation Committee is focused on reaching out to unions representing workers in Waterloo Region who are not currently affiliated to the Labour Council and encouraging them to join us in our work of advocating for the interests of working people.

Political Action

Chair: Lorne Bruce

The Political Action Committee works to ensure that all elected politicians in Waterloo Region are aware of labour’s positions on issues affecting our members. This includes making regular visits to municipal Councils and School Boards and to local MPs and MPPs. We keep the Labour Council’s membership informed of the political campaigns of the OFL and the CLC, and lead the Council’s involvement in campaigns to elect progressive people to all levels of government.

Bylaws & Resolutions

Chair: David Eales

The Bylaws & Resolutions Committee ensures that the bylaws of the Labour Council are current and continue to meet the needs of the membership. We make recommendations on changes to the bylaws that may be necessary to reflect an increasingly progressive attitude in the Labour movement. We also propose resolutions for consideration by the Labour Council, including resolutions to be submitted for consideration by the OFL and the CLC.

Union Solidarity

Co-Chairs: Bill McLachlin and Mark Cairns

The Union Solidarity Committee organizes solidarity actions with workers who are on strike, locked out, or in difficult bargaining situations with their employer. Activities include organizing picket line supports, communications with the public on the issues at stake in collective bargaining, and raising funds to help striking or locked out workers. We also encourage everyone to support unionized products and services in Waterloo Region as a way to ensure our community has good jobs for our neighbors, family, and friends.



The Budget Committee reviews previous budgets and financial statements of the Council and proposes a budget for the current year to the Executive Council. We also monitor ongoing expenditures throughout the year to suggest budget adjustments if necessary.

Labour Day

Co-Chairs: Frank Curnew and Steve Sachs

The Labour Day Committee budgets, plans, and coordinates all activities relating to the Council’s annual Labour Day event.

United Way Partnership

The United Way Partnership Committee works with our two partner United Way agencies to plan and oversee the work of our United Way labour staff. We seek out ways to encourage our union members to support the United Way, and to seek the United Way’s support in our advocacy on social issues.

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