June 2014 President's report

Brothers and Sisters,
Please accept my apologies for not attending tonight's meeting and having such a short report. As many of you know, CUPE has booked me off full-time to work in Catherine Fife's NDP campaign in the Kitchener-Waterloo riding, and I have been working twelve-hour-plus days there since mid-May. I couldn't justify attending our meeting at this crucial time in the campaign.
I do not have any regular Labour Council business to report, other than the pride I feel at the collective efforts of our union movement to get involved in this election campaign. Contributions of money, booked-off members, and volunteers have poured into Catherine Fife's campaign in Waterloo, and I know that many of you have made similar contributions to NDP and Liberal campaigns in the other three ridings in Waterloo Region.
Please keep it up for two more days!
In solidarity,
Marc Xuereb, President

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