Get Your Union Involved in Electing the Better Choices Candidates!

Better Choices logoA record number of people turned our to our September membership meeting to discuss this Fall's municipal elections. Delegates representing 29 union Locals plus dozens of guests discussed the process Better Choices Waterloo Region used to evaluate candidates and what they could do to help get the endorsed candidates elected to municipal councils and school boards on October 27th.

The end result was a motion to endorse all 38 candidates endorsed by Better Choices, and to approve donations from the Labour Council to most of them.

Now comes the heavy lifting! What will YOUR union do to help get these people elected?!

Labour Council activists will be contacting your union leadership to ask them what they can commit to the campaign. Help us speed up that communication process by filling out this form to tell us what your Local can do! Here are some of the options of ways we hope your union can help:

  • Posting a notice on your Local’s website about the Better Choices candidates (text and graphics to be supplied)
  • Sending an email to your members about the Better Choices campaign (sample text to be supplied)
  • Including an article on Better Choices in your Local’s newsletter
  • Distributing the Better Choices pamphlet to your members
  • Having a Labour Council activist speak to your Local membership meeting about the campaign
  • Recruiting activists from your Local to make targeted phone calls to your members
  • Using resources available through the Labour Council to identify the municipal Ward in which each of your members live (for the purpose of targeted phone calls or letters)
  • Having one of your members attend a training session to learn how to use software to identify the municipal Ward in which each your members live
  • Making financial contributions to some of the endorsed candidates
  • Booking off one or more of your members to support the Better Choices campaign

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