Draft Changes to Our By-Laws

Over the past year, a small group of delegates on our By-Laws and Resolutions Committee has spent a great number of hours reviewing our By-Laws and the new model by-laws from the CLC. Last week, they presented a number of proposed by-law changes to the Executive, and the Executive decided to share the changes with delegates and affiliates and ask for feedback on the proposals.

You can view the current By-Laws of our Labour Council at wrlc.ca/bylaws. Below you will find links to the proposed changes to our By-Laws, as well as a copy of the model Labour Council By-Laws published by the CLC in 2014.

Proposed WRLC By-Law Revisions, November 2015

CLC Model By-Laws, September 2014

The Executive is proposing the following process to consider these proposed amendments to our By-Laws:

  1. The By-Law Committee will presents the proposed changes to the November 2015 Labour Council membership meeting
  2. The proposed by-law changes are posted to the Labour Council website for all delegates to review
  3. Delegates are encouraged to share the proposed changes with the Local leadership over a period of two months.
  4. Any comments or proposed changes to the proposals must be submitted in writing to info@wrlc.ca by Wednesday, January 13, 2016 (the day after our January 2016 membership meeting).
  5. The By-Law Committee will meet shortly thereafter to consider all the feedback and make a recommendation on the final package of amendments.
  6. The Executive will review the package of recommended amendments at their meeting on February 2, 2016, and post the package they recommend the next day.
  7. The By-Law Committee will present a summary of the feedback they received and the final package of amendments to the By-Laws at the membership meeting on February 9, 2016. Delegates will vote on the package at that meeting.

Please join me in extending my heartfelt thanks to these three Labour Council delegates who spent many hours reviewing and discussing our By-Laws: Dave Eales (Unifor 1106), Nancy Hutcheson (ETFO-WR), and Nathan Core (ETFO-WR-OT).

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