Attendees reminded that cuts to Ministry of Labour impact worker health and safety

Sunday, April 28, 2019 is the labour movement’s most solemn day. The International Day of Mourning remembers those workers killed or injured on the job while continuing to fight for improved safety in our workplaces. This year, our local labour groups and the Waterloo Regional Labour Council (WRLC) recognized the Day of Mourning together with the community at Victoria Park in Kitchener.


"On a near daily basis, Canadian workers are being injured, become ill or are killed on the job. Never are these injuries "simply an accident" and they are always preventable," says WRLC President Kelly Dick. "Workplace accidents and injuries occur in all fields and professions. We must work together to ensure that everyone comes home safely to their family at the end of each and every workday."

The Waterloo Labour community is very concerned about the impact of cuts to the Ministry of Labour over the last several months. "With nearly $13 million cut from the Ministry of Labour in the recent Ontario Budget, we are afraid what the future holds in this Province in ensuring employers meet their obligations to keep workers safe," says Dick.

The Waterloo Regional Labour council represent 33 union Locals, representing over 26,000 workers including construction workers, professional planners, office administrators, health care workers, teachers, postal workers, and many more.

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