CUPE Commends Region for Investing in Public Services

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), representing front-line Waterloo public services workers, commends the Region of Waterloo for refusing to accept recommendations made by an outside consultant firm and, instead, voted last night to save and invest in child care and employment services provided to Waterloo residents by the Region of Waterloo workers represented by CUPE 1883.

supporters of Regional childcare centres“We are encouraged that council stood up for public services and voted to recognize the importance of these services that help our children and residents from the community,” said Jan Richards, president of CUPE 1883. “Our community worked hard to ensure that council knew and understood the importance of public services and how it shapes the lives of people living in Waterloo.” CUPE 1883 worked closely with community allies to save the services that many Waterloo residents and children rely on.

“CUPE advocates for quality public services that help build stronger communities,” said Fred Hahn, president of CUPE Ontario. “Our members are front-line workers delivering quality child care and employment services that benefit this community. We are happy that council chose to invest rather than dismantle important services that Waterloo residents depend on.”

CUPE 1883 represents 864 ‘inside’ workers at the Region of Waterloo. The highly trained professional child care workers at the five child care centres will continue to provide quality child care services including the HighScope Curriculum approach to early childhood education, while the workers at the Employment Ontario program will continue to offer a one-stop shop for Waterloo residents to help them gain education, training and employment. Council voted 14-1 to continue to provide child care services in five regionally operated centres, and they voted 9-6 to continue the delivery of Employment Ontario services in the Region of Waterloo.

How They Voted

To take no action on KPMG recommendation to cancel Employment Ontario contract:

For Against
*Doug Craig Sean Strickland
*Dave Jaworsky *Ken Seiling
Berry Vrbanovic Karl Kiefer
Les Armstrong Helen Jowett
Joe Nowak *Tom Galloway
Sandy Shantz Geoff Lorentz
Sue Foxton  
*Jane Mitchell  
Karen Redman  
*Elizabeth Clarke  

To take no action on KPMG childcare recommendation:

For Against Declared COI**
*Ken Seiling Sean Strickland *Elizabeth Clarke
Dave Jaworsky    
Berry Vrbanovic    
*Doug Craig    
Joe Nowak    
Les Armstrong    
Sandy Shantz    
Sue Foxton    
*Jane Mitchell    
*Tom Galloway    
Karen Redman    
Geoff Lorentz    
Karl Kiefer    
Helen Jowett    

* endorsed by Better Choices Waterloo Region

**Elizabeth Clarke works for an agency that runs childcare programs, so declared a conflict of interest on this motion.

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  • Steven Staveley
    commented 2015-10-26 20:03:05 -0400
    Great job Marc and all of the Labour Council members who spoke out against KPMG’s recommendations.