Labour Community Advocate Training

What is the Labour Community Advocate Training Program?  
Offered by Labour Education Program of Waterloo Region, the course runs at three levels, each covering different topics.  Some of the topics covered include community services, interviewing and referral skills, understanding violence, financial and credit counselling, and loss and grief. 

Union members, health and safety reps, human resource managers and other workplace leaders will find value in this program.

In the program,

  • Members (or employee volunteers) receive training to help with other members' problems in a respectful, understanding and confidential manner.
  • Labour Community Advocates get resources to connect members with the appropriate community services and agencies for help with their particular problem.
  • Labour Community Advocates learn how to provide ongoing support and follow up for your members.

 When is the next training program? The next Labour Community Advocate Training Program takes place:

  • Level One, Spring 2013
  • Levels Two & Three, TBA

The course is traditionally taught over ten-weeks, but alternative arrangements can be accommodated (for example, a shorter weekend course).

Who Benefits?

You. Those taking the training gain skills to help those in need.  The program gives you a unique insight into available social services and programs in your community.  In the course, you’ll:

  • Learn about social issues and services in your community
  • Gain communication and interviewing/referral skills
  • Discuss and share approaches on social supports in the workplace
  • Build a resource network to support you in your role as labour community advocate
  • Most importantly, be able to get co-workers the help they need.

Your members and co-workers, who will:

  • Have a go-to resource in the workplace when struggling with life’s many challenges
  • Have access to the supports you need in your community

Your Union.  Your knowledge and skills offer an extension to the services the union already provides to its membership.  The program will prepare you to:

  • Offer support to union members
  • Strengthen your local by involving more members in the union.
  • Be part of a national network of union activists and staff who work with our partner, United Way, to support community services and agencies through advocacy.

 Your Employer.  Your ability to quickly detect problems and refer your co-worker to the necessary community services helps make the workplace a healthier, happier and more productive workplace.

 What people are saying about the Labour Community Advocate Course  Comments from the Waterloo Region area program graduates, Class of 2011

  •  “…very useful, great to bring back to share with the executive.”
  •  “…helpful hearing others speak about their issues and locals.”
  •  “…it was interesting to hear diverse perspectives from different people/unions, but also recognizing the commonalities between the issues we deal with.”

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