A Tribute to Jade Campbell

The Labour Council lost a tremendous activist when Jade Campbell passed away on October 3rd.

Sister Jade was President of SEIU Local 1, which represents over 400 employees at Cambridge Memorial Hospital.  She worked at the hospital for over 35 years, and became an activist with the Waterloo Region Chapter of the Ontario Health Coalition.

This week, The Record ran a wonderful tribute to Jade.  Below is an excerpt, followed by a link to the full article.

"She had a strong sense of justice, helping the underdog right the wrong," said longtime friend Sherry Carpenter. "She'd take up the cause if somebody needed something."

Sherry added that her friend had a special gift for getting her way, without humiliating or belittling the person she was negotiating with. Even after she was able to retire, Jade refused.

"As long as there was work to be done, she would be there," said Sherry. "She was passionate about what she did."


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