4 Ways to Support Postal Workers

As you know doubt are aware, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers are past the strike deadline in their negotiations with Canada Post. They are fighting for important issues, and they need our support.

Canada Post is celebrating almost two decades of profits by trying to extract more concessions from the workers who have made it profitable. The crown corporation is refusing to address the glaring discrepancy between rural and urban mail carriers (the predominantly female rural mail carriers earn 28% less than their urban counterparts, and CUPW is calling for pay equity for all their members). It is also seeking to divide present and future postal workers by proposing much lower wages and benefits for all new hires.

CUPW is more than prepared to be flexible and has been actively proposing ways for Canada Post to adapt to changing times and changing needs. Their proposals for a postal service that expands banking to rural communities, finances green energy, provides in-home services for seniors, and more are a model for what public services should look like in our times (see deliveringcommunitypower.ca for a description of their vision). But it looks like Canada Post managers are not interested, and are instead resorting to heavy-handed demands designed to force a labour conflict.

Here are four things you can do to support postal workers:

  1. Put an "I support CUPW" or “I (heart) Posties” sign in your window or on your mailbox. Download signs at: http://www.cupw.ca/en/campaign/resources/download-and-print-cupw-support-signs

  2. Respond to newspaper and online articles, editorials and radio talk shows. Post and share CUPW’s communications in social media and online communities.

  3. Contact the Prime Minister and the Minister of Status of Women and urge them to make good on their commitment to gender equality by instructing Canada Post to pay Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers (70% women) the same as Letter Carriers (68% men) because they do virtually identical work.

  4. Contact Canada Post President Deepak Chopra and encourage him to drop the concessions. Tell him to start negotiating.

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