~300 Attend All-Union #StopHudak Meeting

About 300 union members from 22 different unions attended an urgent meeting at The Aud in Kitchener on April 7th to discuss how to mobilize to #StopHudak.

OFL President Sid Ryan and Toronto Labour Council staffer Rob Fairley enumerated the specific proposals of Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak that would negatively affect unions and all working people in Ontario. In small groups, union members discussed how these proposals will affect them, and how to educate their colleagues about them.

Sid Ryan at The AudClick on the photo above for a link to several photos from the event on Facebook.


Labour Council President Marc Xuereb was quoted extensively in an April 8th article in The Record:

The main message of the meeting was to make a plan in every union Local to reach out to ALL union members to start talking to them about the benefits of unions and the threat of right-wing governments. If you would like help in making such a plan for your union, contact the Labour Council at 519-743-8301 or info@wrlc.ca: we have several trained people who can help you.

To order copies of the OFL materials distributed at the meeting for members of your union, go to http://ofl.ca/index.php/campaigns/rightsatwork/.

You can't afford Hudak

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