Your 2015-16 Executive and Committee Chairs

Back row, from left to right: Bill McLachlan, Strike Support Committee Chair; Dave Eales, Executive at-large and By-Laws and Resulutions Committee Chair; Wanda Power, Executive at-large; Darlene Wilson, Executive-at-large; Shelley Tapsell, Women's Committee Chair; Richard Moss, Executive at-large and Health & Safety Committee Chair; Frank Curnew, Sergeant-at-arms; Marc Xuereb, President; Steve Sachs, Secretary; Mark Cairns, Executive at-large and Union Label Committee Chair; Georgina Grujicic, Education and Publicity Committee Chair

Front row, from left to right: Lois Iles, 1st Vice President, Kelly Dick, Executive at-large; Glenn Annett, Executive at-large; Lorne Bruce, Executive at-large and Political Action Committee Chair; Ed Weidinger, Treasurer; Ed Wyse, Executive at-large and Human Rights Committee Chair

Absent: Lisa Edwards, 2nd Vice President and Social Services Committee Chair; Fran Parry, Executive at-large; Lisa Hatherley, Executive at-large; Stephen Becker, Executive at-large

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