200 Activists Trained to Defeat Harper

CLC Vice President Donald Lafleur

Almost 200 union activists from Waterloo Region and nearby areas gathered in Kitchener on January 23 and 24 to hear details on what the Harper government has done to Canadians and learn skills for mobilizing their co-workers, neighbours, and family to defeat it.

CLC Vice President Donald Lafleur delivered the keynote address on the Friday night, urging union members to start preparing now for the pending federal election.

OFL President Sid Ryan urged unions to use tactics similar to last year's #StopHudak campaign to ensure Harper does not get re-elected.

OFL President Sid Ryan

CLC Senior Economist Angella McEwan introduced the four pillars of the CLC's campaign to convince Canadians that the Harper government must be defeated: good jobs, retirement security, health care, and child care.

CLC Senior Economist Angella McEwan

 To view more photos of the event, see our Facebook page.

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