• Your 2015-16 Executive and Committee Chairs

    Back row, from left to right: Bill McLachlan, Strike Support Committee Chair; Dave Eales, Executive at-large and By-Laws and Resulutions Committee Chair; Wanda Power, Executive at-large; Darlene Wilson, Executive-at-large; Shelley Tapsell, Women's Committee Chair; Richard Moss, Executive at-large and Health & Safety Committee Chair; Frank Curnew, Sergeant-at-arms; Marc Xuereb, President; Steve Sachs, Secretary; Mark Cairns, Executive at-large and Union Label Committee Chair; Georgina Grujicic, Education and Publicity Committee Chair

    Front row, from left to right: Lois Iles, 1st Vice President, Kelly Dick, Executive at-large; Glenn Annett, Executive at-large; Lorne Bruce, Executive at-large and Political Action Committee Chair; Ed Weidinger, Treasurer; Ed Wyse, Executive at-large and Human Rights Committee Chair

    Absent: Lisa Edwards, 2nd Vice President and Social Services Committee Chair; Fran Parry, Executive at-large; Lisa Hatherley, Executive at-large; Stephen Becker, Executive at-large

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  • WSIB Rewards Offenders

    Last week, the Ontario Federation of Labour blew the lid off the shameful practice of the WSIB giving millions in rebates to companies convicted of killing workers. The report, “Rewarding Offenders”, made front page news in the Toronto Star. Help keep the story alive by sharing this video of the media conference that broke the story.

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  • Buy Bottles, Not Cans

    Toast solidarity with a bottle not a canThis holiday season, when you raise a bottle, instead of a can, you are supporting good jobs for workers and their families. Take a stand against union-busting by promoting the USW beer can boycott this holiday season. Crown Holdings, the U.S.-based aluminum can giant, has forced its 120 Toronto workers out on strike since September 2013 by demanding massive concessions. Since then, Crown has refused to negotiate a fair settlement, closed its Montréal plant and bused in scabs to break the union in Toronto. 

    But you can help! Spread the word to friends and family about your support of the boycott! www.bottlesnotcans.ca

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  • We'll be There for You

    The labour movement is committed to improving the lives of workers and has been for over 100 years. That's our job. Our aim is to improve the lives of all Canadians by working on the issues that matter most to everyone.

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  • 61% of Endorsed Candidates Elected!

    A big thank you goes out to everyone who voted for the Better Choices candidates, and who worked so hard to encourage your fellow union members, family, and neighbours to do the same. We now have progressive Mayors of all three of our cities in Waterloo Region, and a progressive Regional Chair. Better Choices Waterloo Region and our Labour Council played a big part in making that happen! We helped elect 23 out of the 38 (61%) candidates we endorsed. An additional three progressive people who sought but did not receive our endorsement were also elected.

    See the table below to see how our endorsed candidates fared.

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  • Boycott Kellogg's, Buy Canadian

    Kellogg’s Moves Ontario Plants To China
    [text borrowed from the inter-web!]

    This has been on our agenda since recently hearing of the closing of the Kellogg's breakfast cereal plant in London, Ontario and moving it to China.
    Some of us have decided we do not want to consume any food products made in China or for that matter any food products made outside of Canada or the United States. There are some exceptions such as cheese from England & Europe, Olives from Italy etc.
    We have also expanded this to any products we can avoid not made in North America. This is hard to do especially in electronics. This is something we should have paid attention to 30 years or more ago, but we are now, never too late, one person, one step at a time.

    Please read the article below. I believe the shop Canadian should be priority one and shop North American priority two (no offence to our friends in other countries, but you should shop your own countries products).


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  • Strike at Crown Holdings Passes One Year Mark

    As was discussed at our September Labour Council Meeting, USW  Local 9176 (Crown Holdings Weston plant in Toronto) has been on strike for a year as of September 6, 2014.

    The workers need our solidarity through donations, letters of moral support, and boycotts of some of Crown Holdings' products and services.

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  • 2014 Scholarship Recipients

    Every year the Labour Council awards two $500 scholarships to post-secondary students - one university student and one college student. We ask applicants for our scholarship to write us an essay about a labour issue and to submit us their school transcripts and a resume of their non-academic interests and activities.

     Bridget Campbell receiving her cheque from Labour Council President Marc Xuereb  Donna Voll receiving her cheque at our September 2014 Labour Council meeting.
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  • Labour Day Photos and Coverage

    Hundreds of people gathered in Waterloo Park for our annual Labour Day picnic this year!

    three of the many Better Choices endorsed candidates at the picnicUnifor 1106 member Shawn RouseLois Iles at the CUPE table

    See our Facebook page for more photos from the event!

    Both CTV News (at 11:22 of newscast) and The Record had positive stories of the event, too!


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  • Waterloo Region's Union Advantage

    This article, by Ontario Federation of Labour President Sid Ryan, was published in the Waterloo Region Record on August 29th.

    Sid RyanA year from now, Canada could be in the throes of a federal election campaign.

    Stephen Harper's Conservatives have already started laying the groundwork for their re-election campaign, and two important themes are emerging: jobs and the economy.

    A key battleground will be Ontario. Our province is vital to Harper's re-election plans, because it sent plenty of Conservative MPs to Ottawa last time around — enough to give Harper a majority government, despite the fact that the Conservatives flopped completely in Quebec.

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